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Unbelievable Bundle 4300+ Icons Only $8

in , on November 7, 2016

Do you have a project to finish and You’re late with it? You don’t know how to finish it in an outstanding way? We have the best solution for you. Us, the Graphicloot team, together with our friends from CURSOR CREATIVE HOUSE have for this week this UNBELIEVEBLE 4300+ Icons bundle for only 8$. This amazing bundle has over 4300 icons that you can use without any hesitation in any kind of project you may have. Do you want more? This kit offers you 28 different categories, 6 different file types and for each file, you’ll get an SVG and a PDF File. Did I get your attention? Go and get it now!!!  

VERY IMPORTANT: In order to unzip the product properly, you have to use the WinRAR program to unarchive the package. The link to get is THIS ONE


Take a look at what you may get:

unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-02 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-03 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-04 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-05 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-06 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-07 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-08 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-09 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-10 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-11 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-12 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-13 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-14 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-15 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-16 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-17 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-18 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-19 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-20 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-21 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-22 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-23 unbelievable-bundle-4300-icons-preview-24


Normally, this UNBELIEVABLE 4300+ BUNDLE sells out for $350, but we managed to have it for you, for a limited period, with all its 2016+ items for just $8 !! With this purchase, you will save more than 97% the regular price!

Click the ADD TO CART BUTTON and don’t miss this huge opportunity !!


  • The bundle will be delivered right away after you finish your purchase;
  • The files will be delivered in .AI, EPS, .PSD, .PNG, .SVG, and .PDF formats;
  • This artwork can be used for personal and commercial projects;
  • The artwork bought cannot be resold or redistributed.

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