Do you want to earn some money with your website ? We have the best solution for you whether you have an website related with graphic design, tools, or you are a person that loves to spread the good news related with this industry or simply you and your audience want to earn some extra money and also save a lot of money, definitely you should get into our Affiliate Program. By joining into our new Affiliate Program you can earn an 30% commission from any acquisitions that is tracked through your referral links into our platform.

After you signed up for GraphicLoot Affiliate Program, we will analyse your application and if it is approved, you’ll receive an email with the confirmation and an user with a password to get into your affiliate account where you can have access to your affiliate tools like banners, custom links and everything you need to start your affiliate work.

  • You can have 30% from each sale you refer to us.
  • You must provide us an active PayPal account so that we can send you the money.
  • Your will receive your payment via PayPal within 30 days of the transaction month’s end, when you have accumulated at least $50 in commission.
  • You must show us an active website, blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account on which you will be placing your link.
  • Sales will be tracked by using session cookies (on the default browser for most of the users).
  • Using our affiliate program in an unethical way or abusing of our affiliate program may result in the termination of your affiliate account.
  • You CAN’T purchase using your affiliate ID. Doing that you may have your account deleted by having an reversal commission.
  • If a buyer used a coupon code to make a purchase your commission as an affiliate will be cut with the value of the coupon used. If the coupon is with 10% discount you will receive just 20%.
  • GraphicLoot is reserving the right to modify the terms at any time ( by written notification ).
  • If a chargeback or refund is made for a paid transaction, we will contact you in order to return us any amount that you received from that transaction.