in Design on April 27, 2016

New week new artist with whom we have the pleasure to talk to our chapter, MEET THE ARTIST. Today we will talk with the guys from Digitalopedia, who were very nice to answer to a few questions for us.


Who you are ? Who is Digitalopedia ?

A: Digitalopedia is composed from a Graphic design & photography freelancer and a marketing guy. Two passions put together for the greater good.


How this Digitalopedia story started? When ?

A: Digitalopedia started 2 years ago but in late 2015 we decided to pursuit this path full time. That’s when we picked this name to represent us. At the beginning we had small projects from time to time but we loved doing the work so much that we thought this was the job for us.


What are you working right now ?

A: Right now I am working on a massive pattern bundle. It includes almost everything you can think about when you say patterns: watercolor, geometrical, hand-made doodles, silver & golden foil patterns, patterns for kids, seamless, abstract, folk, bohemian and so on. We really gave our best shot to be sure we get a complete package for this collection.


How you find us ?

A: When we were looking for more exposure we checked many sites for collaboration. You guys seemed to have potential on the market so we contacted you.


How you received the proposal to collaborate with GraphicLoot?

A: Like any step forward, I found the proposal appealing. I liked the friendly vibe when talking to you guys so I saw no reason to be skeptical. I appreciate the seriousness you put in the work and the open-mindedness you put in the proposals.


What is your favourite from all your works ? And from another artist ?

A: I can’t say I have a favorite project given the fact that each project has been an adventure so far. We are still at the beginning and we enjoy every challenge we get. From other artists there are so many projects I admire, oh man. Some names that pop in my head are Cruzine Design, Worn Out Media Co., LStore, 2 lil’owls etc. So many talented people!


A last word ?..

A: I hope your amazing subscribers will find many useful resources on GraphicLoot and they will cherish every opportunity to get creative and follow their passion in life!


Find the guys from Digitalopedia on their account here or on Behance.

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