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New week new artist for us to chat with. Today we have the pleasure to talk to the guys from TypeType, who were very kind to responde us to a few questions.


Who are you ? Who is TypeType ? 

TypeType is large harmonious team of designers, font designers and professional managers who’s aim is to create a lot of high-quality perfect typefaces for various purposes. We put an emphasis on universal application of our fonts in different media spheres (from paper to electronic media) and their accessibility for the mass market.


How this TypeType story started? When ?

The company began its journey in the winter of 2013. We had formulated our goals and vision of the world of typography and fonts and started creating fonts. Two people can be considered the rightful founders of the company. They are coming from different professional areas but share common life goals. One of the founding fathers is Ivan Gladkikh – font designer with a ten-year-long experience in font creation, and the second founding father is Alexander Kudryavtsev, an experienced manager and the strategic head of TypeType.

Ivan Gladkikh

What are you working right now ?

About 10 different projects of various difficulty levels are in progress now, and we don’t really want to talk about them before sales start. But be sure, we will bring joy to typographic enthusiasts with our new antiques, nonserifs, and script types very soon now.

We also invite the curious ones to visit our Facebook page where we are going to regularly post new project teasers


How you received the proposal to collaborate with GraphicLoot?

One day we have received a letter from Graphicloot with a collaboration offer. We are always open to new contacts and joint experiments so we have gladly accepted the offer. The first bargain sale came along pretty soon, and we were very pleased by the results we’d achieved with Graphicloot. Currently we are planning another special offer and we hope to become Graphicloot’s long-term partner.


What are the main tools that you use when you work ?

We work with different writing instruments, such as quills, brushes, hands, liners, and rapidographs. We cover tons and tons of paper with writing before we come to a result that satisfies us. Naturally, fonts can’t exist without computers, that’s why we also use professional font editors, and Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.


What is your favorite from all your works ? And from another artist ?

Our favorite project of our own it TT Firs , it’s a geometric nonserif in Scandinavian style. It’s a truly beautiful typeface. Among other authors we can distinguish such great font artists as Erik Spiekermann, Matthew Carter, and Hermann Zapf.


A last word ? (in the end.)

We would like to draw all our users’ attention to our great projects , that may come in very handy and help all designers in implementation of the most difficult and ambitious design goals, because font is a very powerful instrument, a kind of a “dressing” to your design. Bon appétit!

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