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New week new episode from MEET THE ARTIST on GraphicLoot. Now we have the pleasure to talk with a good friend and also a partner of ours, Igor Vitkovskiy aka ArtistMef.

Let’s talk with Igor and find out who he really is:

1. Who are you ? Who is Igor/ ArtistMef ?

Hello! My name is Igor Vitkovskiy and I’m an artist from Ukraine. I’m mostly doing digital illustration and concept art, but also I have a shop, where I’m selling some of my resources and tools. “Mef” is my art pseudonym, adding “Artist” just better for SEO 🙂
You can look at some of my digital illustrations here.


2. How this ArtistMef story started? When ?

I opened my shop 2 years ago, also I had 4-5 years of experience with digital marketplaces before this, so It was not hard for me to start again, but success has come only 6 month ago, then I discovered bundle selling websites and got involved into this!

3. What are you working right now ?

I’m working on a new huge packs of watercolor and abstract paint textures\backgrounds & elements, also I would release a lot of photoshop brushsets soon!

Also I have a few art projects (personal) I’m concentrated on them most of the time, trying to do some innovative design, visuals and include deep meaning into them.

4. How you received the proposal to collaborate with GraphicLoot?
Once I got an email from GraphicLoot to collaborate with them, I accepted it and they created a bundle deal from my files and after the month or two bundle was released and this is was my best bundle experience ever! Thank you guys, looking forward to collaborate more with your team in the future!

5. What are the main tools that you use when you work ?
Of course it is Photoshop CS6 + Wacom Intuos 4 M, with this set I can do mostly everything, also I’m using Epson Scanner and Nikon D5300 camera to gather references and textures for my files. Also I’m working with all traditional media tools – watercolors,chalk, pencils, ink,acrylic, etc!

6. What is your favourite from all your works ? And from another artist ?
It is hard to say, I don’t have some favorites from my shop, I like all of my backgrounds, just I’m really enjoy of creating them and trying to make them interesting, quality and usable.

From another artists – there are so many great files that I can’t choose 🙂 But I like quality ink and watercolor stuff, also some abstract and original works!

7. A last word..
With a great teams like GraphicLoot I can continue working on personal projects and do things what I love, I don’t need to do freelance work or work in office, I hate this hell! You just keep doing what you like and this guys are selling it!




Find Igor on his account here or on his personal site.

Do you have any suggestions for MEET THE ARTIST ? Contact us teo@graphicloot.com

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