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in Design on March 16, 2016

Here we are on our second episode from the MEET THE ARTIST rubric. Today we have with us, a very young and very talented graphic designer, DREAMSTALE, ready to answer to a few questions for us.

Let’s find out more about Dreamstale:


1.Who are you ? Who is Dreamstale?

My name is Christo Bino but you can call me Chris. I’m a self-taught graphic designer, photographer and a creative person.
Usually i’m working on graphic design projects and i enjoy a photography trip with friends. Photographing seascapes and sunsets is my passion.


2.How this Dreamstale story started? When?

With a hard drive full of unused designs and photos i decided to create a website and share my work.
On December 2014 i started to create, share and update contents on Dreamstale.com. Since then i enjoy the progress and the rising number of my visitors.

3.What are you working right now?

Right now i’m working on a huge set of 3300 line vector icons and i hope it will be available soon.
Alongside i have to create custom projects for various clients. Time is always too short for those who need it but i do my best.

4.How you received the proposal to collaborate with GraphicLoot?

I always receive proposals from different websites but i give attention to newly formed websites with passion for success.
I believe GraphicLoot is not an exception and Teodor is always kind and full of ideas.

5.What are the main tools that you use when you work?

When i create graphic design elements i always use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
For my photos i use a heavy but cool Nikon D7200 DSRL and a couple of prime lenses.
For post-processing i mainly use Lightroom, CameraRaw, Photoshop and a few more tools and plugins.

6.What is your favorite from all your works? And from another artist?

None of my works is my favorite. My favorite is always the next project that i have in my mind but still incomplete.
I think this is great because i always keep trying harder to create my favorite work.
However i like the work of others more than mine but I don’t pay attention on names.

7.A last word..

Thank you for the interview. I hope my passion will continue to grow and improve my work every day as more and more people enjoy using my designs.



Find Chris on his account here or on his personal site.

Do you have any suggestions for MEET THE ARTIST ? Contact us teo@graphicloot.com

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