MEET THE ARTIST : Valentin Mihai

in Design on March 2, 2016

We, the Graphicloot team, started a chapter on our blog, MEET THE ARTIST . This means we will present you, twice a month, a little discussion with some of the most interesting artists on the market right now.

Today, at MEET THE ARTIST, we have the pleasure to present you a very young and talented graphic designer, Valentin Mihai, with whom we already have a good collaboration.


  1. Who are you ? Who is Valentin Mihai?

I’m Valentin Mihai, a designer and illustrator from Romania. I am an art lover all the way – I’ve been studying traditional art for over 5 years and have been a digital art enthusiast and practitioner for over 4 years. I’m constantly learning and developing my style and I’m happy to create something new all the time.

  1. How this story started? When?

Everything was very simple. When 2 people who love design meet, for sure the result is something beautiful. The GraphicLoot team contact me, and after a few e-mails in which we discussed the details, we’ve started the campaign and it was a success.

  1. What are you working right now?

Now I’m working at some motivational t-shirts designs. I want to make something simple, but modern. I can’t wait to present it.

  1. How you received the proposal to collaborate with GraphicLoot?

The collaboration with GraphicLoot was a great opportunity for me.

  1. What are the main tools that you use when you work?


My principal tools when I start working are the black pencil and the paper. That’s where everything starts. I let my hand free to do whatever it wants. Then I scan the drawing and here is the part when I start editing.  I have a lot of options and I can make any changes I want, very easy.

  1. What is your favorite from all your works? And from another artist?

My favorite project is “Sport is sexy”. I tried to capture the sport’s beauty and to put the accent on some sexy parts of a human body. It is a project that can’t be found on GraphicLoot or Tshirt-Factory or any other graphic sites, because I didn’t gave it a commercial sense yet. It remains my soul project and I will always complete it with new designs.

I can’t say I have a favorite designer or project. I follow many artists that are doing great things and it’s very hard to choose and name one of them.

  1. A last word…

GraphicLoot is an marketplace which helps me present and sell my designs and also this offers me the financial support to go on. In the end, I would like to thank all the team and I can assure you we will continue our collaboration, for sure!


Find Valetin on Dribble and Behance.

Do you have any suggestions for MEET THE ARTIST ? Contact us teo@graphicloot.com

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