Boost your creativity now with 5 simple techniques

in Design on January 12, 2016

Boost your creativity now with 5 simple techniques


Hi, guys! I am always working on improving my creativity and productivity, so I thought you would like to find out a few habits that have made all the difference for me. I use a lot of tools to work faster and better and I have a huge collection of inspiring materials.

Still, there are a few things I like to do every day that help me keep my mind flexible and creative. Even under tight deadlines, when, let’s face it, creativity has a nasty habit of flowing out the window. These 5 techniques (or tricks) will help you free your mind and allow it to give you all the juice you need to create amazing graphic designs.

No. 1 – Get your eyes out of the screen and observe

Your creativity is like a muscle. You need to exercise it to get results. But you also need to let it relax once in a while because it gets tired. Every time you are emerged in an important project and you forget to take a break you are exhausting your creativity. Just remember to stop from your work once in a while (I do this every hour or two) and relax your eyes and mind. The trick is not to think of your project while doing this. And the easy way to do that is to observe the world around you.



Just get out from that busy mind of yours for a few minutes! Watch out the window. Observe the people, the trees, the cars, the street, some woman’s clothing, the sky, etc. Or, just observe the objects from your room. Focus on their shape, color, and why not, their story. You will be amazed how many unique ideas you can find for your project just by not thinking of it.


No. 2 – Spoil yourself for a bit and work the hours that work for you

Spoil yourself


Now, I don’t want to be misunderstood. I know time is money, I know a deadline is a deadline. I don’t mean work JUST when you fill like it. What I mean is to use your most productive hours for your most important and difficult projects.

I try to plan my work load for each day so I’ll have a few simple and rather boring tasks that I can do with my eyes closed. I always do those when I am tired and not really on my best. I live the complicated ones for my best hours which are usually in the afternoon. Which ones are yours?


No. 3 – Do something you love. Everyday.

Do something you love. Everyday.


Yes, I know you love your work and you are a passionate designer. But even that can become just work sometimes. You need a hobby or another activity that you absolutely love doing, to help you rewind and relax. If you have one, I am sure you know how many brilliant ideas you can get just by doing something you love. Just go out for a run (if you are a jogger), paint, play some music, dance, read, ride a bike or wash your car.


Video: Positive emotions open your mind


No. 4 – Surround yourself with beauty

Everything around you stimulates your mind and your feelings, which you know will get right into that incredible design you just started. So make the best of it. Use your surroundings as a tool to boost your creativity. Choose elements that inspire you, no matter if they are paintings or motorcycle parts hanging on your walls. Pay attention to what makes your creativity tick and take it home if you can.


No.5 – Live the clock alone

No.5 - Live the clock alone


Ironically enough, I am obsessed with productivity. I have a very neat working agenda and quite a few applications to measure the time I invest in my projects. But, I never look at the clock. Let’s be honest. It literally kills creativity. You can almost feel how every time you look at the clock your creativity is getting wicker and wicker. You know it, I know it, and scientists have proven it.

If you are on a small budget, and you don’t really want to spend more time than you should on a project, just use an application to let you know when it is time to end your work. I have days when I actually use the day light to evaluate time, because for some projects I invest a day of work or even more. So I know that until that the sun goes down, I am on schedule.

And the bonus tip: Spend some time alone.

Spend some time alone

If you share an office with other people or you are working from your home and you are never or rarely alone, make time for yourself. Just go out for a walk. Buy an apple. Drink a coffee. Or just go sightseeing. But do it alone. It will do wonders for your creativity. And take a notebook with you. You won’t regret it.

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