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in , on January 23, 2017


 As you already know we want to make you guys feel awesome this year and what’s better than making our great products, even more, cooler then they are? Thanks to our friend Pavel Yurievich, from now on anyone can have a big update to his toolbox. We know how important is for you guys to keep your Photoshop toolbox very fresh and updated and, that’s why us – the Graphicloot Team, have this magic deal for you. In one magic bundle, you will have an enormous collection of Photoshop Add-Ons to turn your ordinary projects in the coolest ones. Change the whole project with just a click and you don’t need to worry from now on that you’ll not have the inspiration to finish your job. The coolest part of this add-ons is that you don’t need to worry about ruining your previous work, as these all are non-destructive add-ons. What’s even better this year for this product? The fact that this year the Magic Photoshop Toolbox has not just 1 bundle but 3 bundles in one. Over 1450 elements you’ll gonna get besides the standard elements that the bundle has. Backgrounds, Patterns, Styles, Frames, Brushes and over 480 Actions! Did I get your attention? Go and get it !!!

VERY IMPORTANT: In order to unzip the product properly, you have to use the WinRAR program to unarchive the package. The link to get is THIS ONE


  • Get yourself an enormous number of modern add-ons in just one deal bundle!
  • Take advantage of the different effects categories that this bundle has, such as Light Leaks, Portrait Master, Geometric Effects, Photo Slicer Effects and more.
  • All Photoshop actions in this bundle are a snap to apply.
  • Transform any regular Photoshop project into an artistic masterpiece with just 1 click of your mouse.
  • Non-destructive add-ons mean you can edit all you want without ruining your original photo.
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS6 or CC+.


See what you get:

magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-1 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-2 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-3 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-4 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-5 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-6 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-7 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-8 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-9 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-10 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-11 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-12 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-13 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-14 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-15 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-16 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-17 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-18 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-19 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-20 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-21 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-22 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-23 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-24 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-25 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-26 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-27 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-28 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-29 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-30 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-31 magic-photoshop-toolbox-preview-32Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-33 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-34 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-35 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-36 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-37 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-38 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-39 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-40 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-41 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-42 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-43 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-44 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-45 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-46 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-47 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-48 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-49 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-50 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-51 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-52 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-53 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-54 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-55 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-56 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-57 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-58 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-59 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-60 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-61 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-62 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-63 Magic-Photoshop-Toolbox-Preview-64


PRICING: Normally, all this artwork that you see on this bundle is available for $567, but only for this deal, on a limited period, our team managed to bring it to you for $11, that’s more than 99% OFF the regular price!

Click the ADD TO CART BUTTON and get it now!


  • The product will be delivered right away after you finish your acquisition;
  • This artwork can be used for personal and commercial projects;
  • These files cannot be resold or redistributed;
  • The files you will receive in .atn, .asl, .pat, .abr and .psd format;
  • The graphics that we used in the presentation are not included in the bundle.

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