250 Retro T-shirt Designs vol 4

2,500.00$ 29.00$

250 Retro concept vector for perfect use on t-shirts, bags, and other printed media. This batch is not for the weak of heart. Ordinarily, these assets are sold individually, but for now, this bundle is letting us bundle them all up and get them to you at a whopping over 90% Off! From sleek and futuristic to handmade t-shirt designs, this collection includes everything you could ever hope for. It’s got it all. This bundle contains 250 vector t-shirt designs. From various concept theme! Your creativity is the limit with these designs. Each t-shirt designs in this collection will inspire you to make something new. Don’t miss out!

VERY IMPORTANT: In order to unzip the product properly, you have to use the WinRAR program to unarchive the package. The link to get is THIS ONE


250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-02250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-03250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-04250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-05250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-01 250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-02250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-03250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-04250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-05250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-06250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-07250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-08250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-09250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-10 250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-11250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-12250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-13250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-14250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-15 250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-21250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-22250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-23250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-24250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-25 250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-26250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-27250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-28250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-29250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-30250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-31250-Retro-T-shirt-Designs-4-Preview-32




Normally, all the artwork that you see on this bundle is available for $2500, but only for this deal, for a limited period only, our team managed to bring this bundle to you for $29, which is more than 90% OFF the regular price!!

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  • The product will be delivered right away after you finish your acquisition.
  • This artwork can be used for personal and commercial projects.
  • These files cannot be resold or redistributed.
  • Files are provided in  SVG, EPS, AI, CDR, PNG, JPG, and PSD files
  • The t-shirt mockups that we used in the presentation are not included in the bundle.

2,500.00$ 29.00$

100% Money Back Guarantee

(within 30 day of purchase)

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