Brilliant Christmas Deal – Santa’s Bundle for $9

in Design on November 28, 2016

The work of a designer never ends

Here we are at the end of another year. Which usually implies celebrations of endings and the hope of new better ones ahead. It’s the traditional way of drawing the line and the conclusions of the effort put in throughout 12 months or so. Unless you work in the graphic design industry, which means work is nowhere near to coming to a close. On the contrary, if your are reading this you are in search for a way to optimize your time, your input, the quality of your work, or even the quantity.

This is what and why we created GraphicLoot for – to meet the growing demands of the industry while we take some load off the designers’shoulders, who try to stay on top in a highly competitive field.

Why a bundle?

Clients become more and more strict which is when we come in with help. By all means, this is not meant to cramp up your  creativity. On the contrary – bundles with tens or hundreds of elements propose such a huge array of combinations, that they can become anything and everything. But it is still up to you to find the perfect, appropriate design, depending on the project, which is not that easy. Your creativity is still needed, your software skills are still paramount, the result will still be unique. Another “why” is explained by the price. Retailed at $1250 we froze the price at just $9, which is truly a one-time offer that you cannot find anywhere else.

What’s in the bundle?

With that in mind, considering that December is a few days away, the newest bundle is quite predictable and equally practical. Put together by Santa himself, this impressive collection will focus on holiday themes like Christmas, holiday decorations, iconic winter animals as well as patterns. To be more exact, you will be making the perfect purchase if you’re looking for: snowmen, different versions/styles of Santa illustrations, reindeer, Christmas wreaths, penguins, a lot of candies, polar bears, Christmas trees, snowflakes, snow globes, presents, bells and more. Because of the traditional sentiment, the creators took it up a notch and illustrated everything by hand, with watercolor effects and imperfect outlines that add a delicate note of intimacy.

How can I use everything?

As mentioned earlier, your creativity is the limit. In no way should the following propositions restrict the way you use the graphics. These are some of the most popular uses but you know better what you need and what fits best. It’s not just the elements that can serve different purposes, but consider taking small items and mixing them up. For example, you can create your own pattern or build up a unique Christmas wreath.

Have a look:


What about the boring, technical stuff?

Last but not least – and extremely important – is the format of all these beautiful resources. Fret not, you will not be disappointed because they are all at high resolution, of 300 DPI, as follows:

  • Watercolor elements in PNG format, High Quality of 300 DPI;
  • Vector Elements in EPS/SVG format, you can resize them however you want without losing quality;
  • Watercolor Frames in PNG format, High Quality of 300 DPI;
  • Watercolor Patterns in JPG/PNG/PAT format, High Quality of 300 DPI;
  • Vector Patterns in EPS/SVG format.

And another thing – in order to download and unzip the product, you will need the 7zip program for Windows users or UNArchiver for MAC users, in order to open the package archive.

Now this is a real Christmas gift, considering the ridiculous price of only $9 for hundreds of graphics that you can use in a million of ways!