The Tatt’s Studio’s Mega Bundle is based on diversity. The designer main skills are related to illustration of animals or tattoos but he is very open to new themes and ideas. This t-shirt design series will bring to the front fancy and variable designs only for the price of $55.


VERY IMPORTANT: In order to download and to unzip the product properly, you have to use 7zip program if you have windows or You have to use UNArchiver if you are using MAC to unarchive the package. The link to get the UNArchiver is THIS ONE and for the 7zip program THIS ONE.



The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-01 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-02 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-03 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-04 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-05 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-06 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-07 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-08 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-09 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-10 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-11. The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-12. The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-13. The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-14 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-15 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-16 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-17 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-18 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-19 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-20 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-21 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-22 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-23 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-24 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-25 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-26 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-27 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-28 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-29 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-30 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-31 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-32 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-33 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-34 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-35 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-36 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-37 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-38 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-39 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-40 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-41 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-42 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-43 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-44 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-45 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-46 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-47 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-48 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-49 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-50 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-51 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-52 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-53 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-54 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-55 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-56 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-57 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-58 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-59 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-60 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-61 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-62 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-63 The-Tatt's-Studio-Mega-Bundle-Preview-64




Normally, all the artwork that you see on this bundle is available for $3840 but only for this deal, for a limited period only, our team managed to bring this bundle to you for $55, which is 98% OFF the regular price!!

CLICK the ADD TO CART BUTTON and get it now !


The product will be delivered right away, after you finish your acquisition.

This artwork can be used for personal and comercial projects.

These files cannot be resold or redistributed.

Most files are in Ai, EPS format, but some designs are in PSD format.

The graphics that we used into the presentation are not included into the bundle.


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Hi! I’m Eduardo and I’ve been designing for 8 years. My main skills are related to illustration of animals or tattoos but I’m very open to any style or idea a client might have. Feel free to contact me for any inquiry.

$3,840.00 $55.00 Add to cart

The Tatt’s Studio’s Mega Bundle

$3,840.00 $55.00

The Tatt’s Studio’s Mega Bundle is based on diversity. The designer main skills are related to illustration of animals or tattoos but he is very open to new themes and ideas. This t-shirt design series will bring to the front fancy and variable designs only for the price of $55.






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